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Data gathering and market research

We invest the time to understand the market we are working in and study the competition. We gather data, create a development plan and consult with you in order to start the next step.

Our data gathering process consists out of searching for the information relevant to your product and defining a clear plan on how to incorporate that information into the product we are building. We also search and find the flaws and advantages of the competitors in the same market space, and analyze how the product we are building can compete and outrun them.

Wireframing and UI / UX design

Depending on the project, this step includes creating a detailed system layout. This can be the UI / UX design in the projects that require a user interface, or an architecture scheme in abstract systems.

Wireframing is taken seriously because it is the foundation for further development. When it comes to design, we make sure that we provide the best user experience even before the final UI designs. On the other hand, wireframing helps us design the system architecture of complex programs and procedures, and helps us predict future pain points.

Development and testing

Each of our experts tackles a specific part of the development process. These include frontend and backend development, database maintenance, as well as the unit and integration testing.

We develop the backend first, building the endpoints and scalable API architecture. After that we work on the frontend, closely following the UI designs created in the previous stage and adding life to them through animations, smooth transitions, and fully responsive layout. Before the deployment process, all of our software is thoroughly tested and delivered 100% error-free.

Deployment and maintenance

Our partnership doesn't end with the delivery of the final product. After the deployment process, monthly maintenance is a core part of keeping the product updated and error-proof.

Deploying is different for each type of application or system we are building and can consist of various stages. If you don't have a server setup meant for running the web application or the website we created, we can set it up for you and include the full installation and configuration, so the web app or website is market ready. Mobile applications can be put up on Google Play or App Store and be available for download by your users instantly.